art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life. - pablo picasso
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VenusPalma Vecchio, c. 1520

art art history painting palma vecchio 16th century italian 16th century renaissance high renaissance italian high renaissance * 8:48pm

The River ManzanaresAureliano de Beruete, 1908

art art history painting aureliano de beruete 20th century spanish 20th century * museo del prado 5:36pm

A Young Woman and a CavalierCornelis Bisschop, 1661-63

art art history painting cornelis bisschop 17th century dutch 17th century baroque dutch baroque * 2:24pm

Portrait of Edmond and Jules de GoncourtPaul Gavarni

art art history painting paul gavarni 19th century french 19th century * 11:12am

Rest on the Flight into EgyptCorrado Giaquinto, 1740-42

art art history painting corrado giaquinto 18th century italian 18th century rococo italian rococo * 8:48pm

Two Boys SingingFrans Hals, c. 1625

art art history painting frans hals 17th century dutch 17th century baroque dutch baroque * 5:36pm

Boulevard Saint-Denis, Argenteuil, in WinterClaude Monet, 1875

art art history painting claude monet 19th century french 19th century impressionism french impressionism museum of fine arts boston * 2:24pm

The EveningFelix Ivo Leicher, 1780s

art art history painting felix ivo leicher 18th century austrian 18th century rococo austrian rococo * 11:12am

Los Entering the GraveWilliam Blake, 1804-20

art art history painting william blake 19th century british 19th century romanticism british romanticism * 8:48pm

Vase with Irises Against a Yellow BackgroundVincent van Gogh, 1890

art art history painting vincent van gogh 19th century dutch 19th century post impressionism dutch post impressionism rijksmuseum * 5:36pm