art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life. - pablo picasso
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View of Paris from Vincent’s Room in the Rue de LepicVincent van Gogh, 1887

art art history painting vincent van gogh 19th century dutch 19th century post impressionism dutch post impressionism * 6:30pm

The Poor PoetCarl Spitzweg, 1839

art art history painting carl spitzweg 19th century german 19th century romanticism german romanticism * 3:01pm

The Guardian Angel Protecting a ChildDomenico Fetti, 1615-18

art art history painting domenico fetti 17th century italian 17th century baroque italian baroque * 11:30am

Montaigne and TassoFleury-François Richard, 1821

art art history painting fleury francois richard 19th century french 19th century * 6:30pm

The Nightmare (detail)Henry Fuseli, 1780-81

art art history painting henry fuseli 18th century swiss 18th century romanticism swiss romanticism detail * 3:01pm

Rape of the Daughters of LecippusPeter Paul Rubens, c. 1617

art art history painting peter paul rubens 17th century flemish 17th century baroque flemish baroque * 11:30am

Lady in Grey (detail)James Abbott McNeill Whistler, c. 1883

art art history painting james abbott mcneill whistler 19th century american 19th century * detail 6:30pm

Portrait of Catherina GolitsynaLouis-Michel van Loo

art art history painting louis michel van loo 18th century french 18th century portraits * 3:01pm


Pierre Julien - The Dying Gladiator (1779) - detail photograph by Yvan Lemeur

(via connietough)

sculpture pierre julien 18th century french 18th century detail 11:30am

Self Portrait as an Old ManChristian Seybold

art art history painting christian seybold 18th century german 18th century portraits * 6:30pm